SRS Airbag DTC: B00A0


Code B00A0 is stored in OCM / OCSM

Occupant Classification System Module

Sub Codes: B00A0:54, B00A0:67, B00A0:67

OCSM is a passenger weight sensor located under the passenger seat. It is called an occupant weight sensor.  If the vehicle was in an accident and you already sent it out to MyAirbags to have crash data reset from the RCM, then you will just need to calibrate the OCSM.

If the RCM airbag computer module is removed or disconnected, try not to move the vehicle or turn the ignition on. Keep battery terminals disconnected while the RCM is out of the vehicle to avoid OCSM calibration because it may store code B00A0 in the RCM/OCSM.

Connect IDS/VCM or other diagnostic scan tool to the data link connector under the drivers side of the dash. Clear all codes from the RCM and OCSM, then access the OCS reset, and press the button on the screen. It will then show on the screen if it was successful or not.

This is very common, most of the time you won’t need to replace the OCSM sensor. You will need to initialize/calibrate it.


OCSM Calibration

In the scan tool: (depending on the scan tool, options may vary)

  1. Go to SRS Airbags menu
  2. Select sub menu: Occupant / OPDS / Weight Sensor
  3. Select option: Zero out weight /  Initialize / Calibrate

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