Seat Belt Clips: Why did I receive a seat belt clip with my repaired Seat Belt?

The Seat Belt Clip is there to make the seat belt re-installation processes easier.


Remove belt clip after installing the seat belt in the vehicle.


NOTE: Do NOT take the Seat Belt Clip off prior to installing it.

If you remove the seat belt clip prior to installation of the seat belt, the belt will retract all the way into the housing of the seat belt and it will lock the retractor mechanism.  This may delay the time it takes for your installation.   

If you have removed the seat belt clip prior to installation follow these steps:

  1. Place the seat belt in the same position as it would be installed in the vehicle.The seat belt has to be vertically and horizontally in the correct position (because of the position ball that is inside the seat belt) if it is not in the correct position it will stay locked
  2. Place your thumb in the retractor and slowly push forward until it makes a third of a turn.
  3. While holding the retractor with one hand, slowly pull the seat belt with the other hand.

This video can help you with this as well. Please note that the Zip-Tie has now been replaced by Seat Belt Clips.

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