How do I know if my steering column sensor is good or bad?

If the vehicle is in an accident and driver airbag deployed. The steering column will collapse about an inch or less, this is of a pyro sensor that blows and allows the steering column to collapse. 


You cant tell the difference by looking at the steering column, but you will get a code DTC error code B0005 when you scan the SRS Airbag system.


The problem is that the dealership does not sell this sensor. They sell the entire steering column. 

Problem is that it is:

  1. Time consuming in removing the entire steering column
  2. Expensive at the dealership for the entire steering column
  3. Issue is only with the small piece (collapsible steering column)

Good news is that it takes just a few minutes to remove the collapsible steering column and send it in for repair. A bad collapsible steering column will not look any different from a good one. In a bad sensor the internal components are blown/damaged and the sensor needs to be replaced.


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